If you’re the kind of person to casually claim you are depressed whenever you feel sad, PLEASE STOP.

You probably have NO IDEA what depression feels like. What you experience is fleeting, as opposed to a medical condition that causes a much deeper sadness that legitimately makes you feel like you are sinking into a bottomless pit. All the time. Depression can cause a complete change in your MENTAL STATE besides the constantly feeling down - this is what leads people to contemplate suicide or alienate themselves completely from the rest of society.

Further, whether you believe it or not, your brain will subconsciously pick up on the constant ques you keep feeding it and begin adopting the characteristics matching that of one of who is depressed. You will begin feeling down all the time and not experience humour or a point in life anymore. You won’t want to hang out with any friends or meet new people. If you’re lucky, you’ll want something to do with your family.

Do you really want that?

Peace out.



kinda depressed and idk why.
maybe i shouldn’t have talked about past relationships. it kind of brought me back there, to that time when we were all friends, having fun, breaking free and having lives. i feel like i fell asleep and woke up 3 years later, nobody is friends anymore, i’ve regressed and haven’t done or accomplished anything but i’m stuck, and everyone else has moved on and is into the next stage of life, idk what that is… but it sucks. it feels terrible

Well I wanted to write this as a reply, but I cut the text because my phone froze and I got paranoid and now apparently I can’t paste it into the reply field >_>

Response: Try not to dwell on it too much. I have moments similar to what you’ve described, and I feel like the depression is time wasted because the world just goes on without even caring.

What I did to sort of “get over it” was to stop thinking as much and focus on things that would help me become the best version of myself. Whether you decide to do that or not is up to you, but do trust me in that what you’re feeling now can be forgotten in an instant, and it will suck when it happens because of all the time and energy gone into a depressive stage.

Have you ever felt so sad that you just wanted to disappear?

I’ll say it was an intense sadness rather than depression that caused me to do this, but I once formulated a plan to eliminate myself from everyone’s memories. I became obsessed with this idea that if I just associated myself with a few willing people, or even no one, I would be happier… more successful.

It seems silly, but I want to share this with the world. I don’t care who or how many people it reaches, I just want awareness that people think this way or worse. After reading this, maybe you should do less ignoring, if that makes sense to you.

Phase 1: delete people you never see other than overseas friends and cool people, abandon Facebook, any contact will have to be made thru plus
Phase 2: abandon plus if no one bothers with contact there. Regardless, stop playing games. Pack them all away and delete apps.
Phase 3: the phone is the last chance. If no one contacts, turn it off for good or change numbers.
Phase 4: the end of s2 of y2 may very well be the end of human contact other than compulsory examinations, family, and some martial artists.
Phase 5: clean room. Remove tokens of the past, especially in the “most unused cupboards”
Phase 6: am I nearly there? Who knows. Become expert in own fields. May need library.
Phase 7: wait for life to end?