Have you ever felt so sad that you just wanted to disappear?

I’ll say it was an intense sadness rather than depression that caused me to do this, but I once formulated a plan to eliminate myself from everyone’s memories. I became obsessed with this idea that if I just associated myself with a few willing people, or even no one, I would be happier… more successful.

It seems silly, but I want to share this with the world. I don’t care who or how many people it reaches, I just want awareness that people think this way or worse. After reading this, maybe you should do less ignoring, if that makes sense to you.

Phase 1: delete people you never see other than overseas friends and cool people, abandon Facebook, any contact will have to be made thru plus
Phase 2: abandon plus if no one bothers with contact there. Regardless, stop playing games. Pack them all away and delete apps.
Phase 3: the phone is the last chance. If no one contacts, turn it off for good or change numbers.
Phase 4: the end of s2 of y2 may very well be the end of human contact other than compulsory examinations, family, and some martial artists.
Phase 5: clean room. Remove tokens of the past, especially in the “most unused cupboards”
Phase 6: am I nearly there? Who knows. Become expert in own fields. May need library.
Phase 7: wait for life to end?